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Mark French

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Fine Area Rugs

Taking proper care of your fine area rugs can ensure that your rugs retain their value and beauty for years to come. Unfortunately, many rug owners may not know how to care for their rugs. If the incorrect cleaning methods are used on your precious area rugs, you may end up doing more harm than good, potentially leading to permanent damage.

At The French Touch, we will take special care of your rugs, and know and understand that each rug is unique. Fine area rugs come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials that require special handling, and we have the knowledge and expertise to clean your rugs safely and with exceptional detail. If you’re located in Berks County, PA you can trust The French Touch for all your rug cleaning needs, and we promise you won’t be disappointed.


Protecting Your Investment

Fine area rugs can trap several pounds of dirt and other contaminants, and over time those rough soil particles can cause wear and tear to the fibers of your rugs. By having your rugs professionally cleaned on a regular basis, you are preventing further wear on your rug and extending the life of your rug. It’s no secret that fine area rugs can be expensive, and cleaning your rugs regularly is the best way for you to protect your investment.

Pet Stain and Odor Elimination

We love pets! But we also know accidents are sometimes part of the deal.

We have the experience to remedy this serious problem. Pet accidents usually void most carpet and furniture warranties.

Because of our long-term experience, we have a high rate of success. We have the specialty tools to do the job right and we use natural products for cleaning and sanitizing odors. We have many long-term happy pet owners.

With most pet stains the results can depend on what damage well-intended pet owners have done while trying to initially clean up accidents. We recommend blotting up liquids with many layers of paper towels and repeat until the paper towels come away almost clean.  Then, call us! At that point, you have done as much as you can without causing unintended damage to fibers.

Protection Treatment

We recommend applying a good protection treatment for all area rugs. It will help to protect them from stains and make cleaning up spots easier. With our protection treatment, your rugs will last longer and clean up great again the next time we clean them.

Professional Rug Cleaning

At The French Touch, we are committed to delivering only the best for our customers. We have invested in the best equipment and training to ensure that we deliver great results each and every time. When we clean your rugs, you’ll receive exceptional quality and professional service. We provide our professional run cleaning services throughout Reading PA, Sinking Spring PA, Birdsboro PA and all throughout Berks County. Call us today.

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